May you own your own Village of the Heart!

And now a thunderstorm rumbles in the distant mountains of Easter Valley. A dazzling flash of lightning makes a very loud bang, and an old tree burst into flames.

Hand in hand they run down the Village of the Heart. Everything seem the same but, somehow, different. The leaves on the trees are brighter. The water from the brook is fresher.

"Oh Mom, Dad, I was missing you so much. You were always so close! But why did you never talk to me?" "We did, but you never heard us." "Why did you not leave a message?"




A unique story book for children, painted in the naive style cherished so much by them.

The house of Tipheret's parents has been destroyed by the wicked Fire Dragon. The inhabitants of the Village of the Heart have all escaped into Tipheret's toybox. Tipheret is the only survivor.

Assisted by her father's copper talking stick, her mother's iron kettle and her cherished toy houses, Tipheret sets out on a dramatic journey of discovery and transformation, where she encounters Trust, Hope, Perseverance and the Power of Love.

During her sleep she is taken care of by the wonderful and generous "Snigglee" spirits, who inspire her to meet the Loving Heart which is her guide and inner voice.

This tale is for all children between the ages of 6 and 13 years. The author's colourful "naïve" paintings are essential to the story and speak eloquently for themselves.

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One of the benefits of this story is the message of Hope and never giving up that it brings to the reader. The fact that Tipheret continues to search for her parents even if she is alone and afraid, brings out the message that even if something is not easy and you are scared you must never give up on your dreams. This is a positive message for youngsters of all ages.

Another message it touches upon is, of course, that of LOVE. The message that LOVE conquers all evil. How the brightness of the sun pushes away the darkness, again a message of HOPE.

Another theme is TRUST. The trust Tipheret had to have towards the MOST LOVING HEART and believe that this voice was telling here the truth and leading her closer to her parents; such as the TRUST she had to have towards the copper talking stick. What makes the book special is the Village of the Heart idea, symbolic of love. THE MOST LOVING HEART, and the care and love of the "Snigglee" spirits, are again all about love.

I think that if the readers do not read this book they will lose three important messages that of HOPE, TRUST and the power of LOVE. I would recommend this book for all students of the elementary cycles. I would simplify the vocabulary if I was reading it to Kindergarten students and the images would have to play a significant role in delivering the message of the story. Even students in the older grades of the elementary cycle could relate to the messages of HOPE, TRUST AND LOVE found in the story.

Tipheret the protagonist in the story is an endearing character. The "Snigglees", are adorable little people and the MOST LOVING HEART sounds very maternal/paternal.

Patrizia Ciccarelli, Vice-Principal and teacher

After a wicked fire dragon burns down the village where she lives, Tipheret starts out on a long and lonely journey to find her missing parents. Armed with a talking stick, an iron kettle and her beloved toy houses, she discovers the magic and the mystery of love. An enigmatic tale, beautifully illustrated. A symbolic journey of the heart.  

Christina Manolescu, Author

Barbara Sala's "naive" paintings delve into the deepest spiritual and emotional transformations of our time. How do we cope with a world apparently gone mad with violence and anger? Tipheret's journey shows us that the answers lie within ourselves, and our capacity for love and hope.

Ann Diamond, Author



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